It was the end of the world for stocks …

At least according to the talking heads on CNBC and Bloomberg.

Doom and gloom dominated the airwaves.

Stocks were down by nearly 50%.

And in less than a month, bond kingpin Bill Gross would declare “the death of equities.”

So naturally, I started buying.

You read that right…

In January of 2009, in the middle of the biggest crash since the Great Depression, I started buying.

I told my readers to start buying, too.

That was when I started my first “Inevitable Wealth” portfolio.

I’m sure it sounded crazy to people at the time.

But I’ve been through five different bear markets over the last 40 years.

To me, it seemed crazy not to invest in great companies at those prices.

Looking back, the results speak for themselves:

  • TE Connectivity went up 1,000%.
  • Texas Instruments gained 1,400%.
  • And Microsoft is climbed 2,000%!

Of course, the portfolio had a few losers too.

But all told, my Inevitable Wealth recommendations would’ve delivered a 5X return.

Enough to turn a $1 million account into $5.3 million.

All you had to do was ignore the noise … and know what to buy.

Lightning Strikes Twice

Fast-forward to 2022, and we’re in a very similar situation.

Stocks are down 20% from their highs…

The media’s flooded with doom and gloom…

And great businesses are selling at some of the biggest bargains I’ve seen in years.

For the full story and more on which stocks I’m recommending, just click here.


Charles Mizrahi

Charles Mizrahi

Founder, Real Talk

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