The US and Israel have been discussing plans to build a canal to rival the Suez Canal for over 50 years. We must look at recent history to see the motives for the war occurring today. Around 20% of all world trade moves through the Suez Canal, which is controlled by Egypt. The Suez Canal was initially jointly controlled by French investors and Egypt. Isma’il Pasha was forced to sell Egypt’s shares to Britain amid a liquidity crisis in Egypt. Former Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser reclaimed the lucrative trade route in 1956, sparking the second Arab-Israeli war also known as the Suez Crisis.

The West does not want to rely on Egypt, a close ally of Russia, for world trade. The Ben Gurion Canal Project, or Israeli Canal, has been the proposed solution since the 60s. Where would this canal be located? Part of it would flow precisely through the Gaza Strip. The passage would start by the port city of Eilat in Israel through the Gulf of Aqaba, crossing the Jordanian border and flowing through the Arabah Valley before entering the Dead Sea before heading north around the Gaza Strip.

Declassified documents reveal that the US Department of Energy was planning to take extreme measures to make this canal possible. On July 1, 1963, a plan was outlined to create the Israeli Canal by detonating 520 underground nuclear explosions throughout the Negev Desert. “Such a canal would be a strategically valuable alternate to the present Suez Canal and would probably contribute greatly to the economic development of the surrounding area,” the declassified document stated.

The document notes that 130 of the 160 miles dedicated to the canal are “virtually unpopulated desert wasteland,” but the primary issue would be relocating those from the Gaza Strip. “Another problem which has not been considered is that of political feasibility, as it is likely that the Arab countries surrounding Israel would object strongly to the construction of such a canal,” the declassified papers show.

Follow the money, always. The West does not want Egypt and, therefore, Russia to have control over world trade and the movement of goods. The plan was never executed because they knew no Arab nation would agree to such a power grab, and those 30 pesky miles of densely populated land mostly belonged to Palestine. This is all because the Neocons are hell-bent on isolating Russia but at the expense of dividing the world. Is this why Blinken is saying there will be no peace in Israel and Ukraine?

This is all tied in with Yemen, and there is so much more going on behind the curtain that would shock people on all sides. We will deal with the real complexity in a Special Report for the WEC Nov 17-19.

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